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Scent Guardian

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 The Scent Guardian (No Scent) 

Never play the wind again!!! That's right 100% guarantee you will never get winded again. The Scent Guardian "No Scent" is our newly developed patent designed formula and process for Human Scent & Odor and Bacteria Elimination. We have spent years of field testing and critiquing in labs and not setting for the end results being good enough!


  • Formula Patent and Trademarked!!!
  • Electrically Charged Guardian Coverage & Ozone Infused Ionic silver.
  • 99.9% Guarantee “You Will Never Get Winded Again!”
  • First Liquid version That Controls levels of EMF A.K.A Electro Magnetic Frequencies your heart produces when it beats and deer can actually feel the energy.
  • 3,000 Times more effective then bleach!!!
  • 10,000 SQFT Odor Absorbing Power!!!
  • Kills 24 Different Bacterial Viruses
  • Antibacterial *Anti microbial  *Antiseptic *Anti-inflammatory and *Antiviral Properties!*Fights Off Staphylococcus aureus, Phenomenal Ecoli and Listeria 
  • Fights Off Bacterial Infections Antibiotic Properties similar to Amoxicillin
  • Invented and Manufactured  In Sugar land, Texas!!! 
  • Great for Taxidermist Aoudad hides, Ibex, Hog, Zebra, Sheep and Ram Exotic Species, Fallow, euro’s, velvet antlers.

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