About Us

Morton Burnham  is known as the “Father of Predator Calling” as he used his hand to lip squeak and call up fox, bobcat and coyotes.  Burnham Brothers, the oldest game call company, was established in 1952 and is owned by Gary and Deb Roberson. Burnham Brothers developed mouth blown calls, recorded actual predator and prey sounds for records, 8 track, cassette and digital electronic callers.  Burnham Brothers truly is “The Originator, Not The Imitator”.

Gary was raised on his family's ranch in South Texas where he began hunting at an early age.  While growing up, his heroes were not the usual Bart Starr or Don Meredith, rather Winston and Murry Burnham of Marble Falls, Texas, the greatest hunters and game callers of all time.  Burnham Brothers makes the “Callingest Calls Made” that are known the world over for quality and results.

Living on a ranch allowed Roberson to hunt on an almost daily basis and he took advantage of the situation.  He killed his first buck at age seven while hunting by himself, began calling varmints at age ten and maintained a pack of bobcat and coon hounds at age 12.  It seemed that if there was an excuse to go to the woods, Roberson would find it.

Gary rates coyote calling as his favorite hunting, however, he enjoys any hunting that involves calling an animal.  He is a strong believer that “he who hunts the most, hunts the best” and lives by that motto.

Roberson and his wife, Deb have three sons Clint, Tom and Steve.  The eldest, Clint, is the three time World Champion Deer Caller.  The Roberson’s purchased Burnham Brothers Game Calls from Murry Burnham in 1991.  Gary was instrumental in developing the Model 10 Predator Hunter with Savage Arms and the Coyote Special rifle scope with Nikon Sport Optics, two products specific for the predator calling game.  Gary's common sense philosophies on calling and hunting will increase your chances for success.

Gary Roberson is the host of the wildly popular TV show, CARNIVORE.  A fast paced, cinematic, predator hunting show that is now airing it's 11th season.